• Stop wasting money on overpriced television service
  • Get local channels, popular networks, sports and more!
  • Monthly plans to fit your budget at little to no investment
Kurt Schlabach

Kurt Schlabach

Our goal is to provide a superior, more cost effective solution to cable television in all types of senior living communities nationwide, while enhancing the resident experience, at no upfront cost to the community.
Custom Channel Lineup
Custom Channel Lineup
An RHTV system allows you to choose your channel lineup and easily change one channel for another, eliminating the costs associated with channels that are of no interest to your residents.
Free Community Channel
Free Community Channel
With RHTV's included computer server, you can broadcast your Menu's and Activity Calendar, use the DVD player for "Movie Nights" and even generate revenue through Digital Advertising.
No Set–Top Box
No Set–Top Boxes
We can provide analog, digital, and even Full High Definition Systems without the need for set–top boxes at the tv and confusing remote controls for your residents.

Fraction of the Cost of Cable

Save as much as 50% with RHTV's television programming packages! Provide your residents with a superior, cost effective entertainment Solution backed by an industry leading warranty.

RHTV utilizes the latest in state-of-the-art technology to offer a 100% digital-quality system with access to over 225 popular channels. Enjoy local channels, popular networks, movies, and sports that you control for a fraction of the cost of traditional cable television.

Our technicians are SBCA Certified and are considered by many to be the very best in the industry. Collectively, they represent over 176 years in the Satellite and CATV industries.

What We Offer

  • Half The Cost of CATV
  • No Set-Top Boxes
  • Custom Channel Line-Up
  • 100% Digital and HDTV
  • Free Community Channel
  • Major Parts Warranty


Barb Rowlett
Golden Years Homestead

"I wanted to express my sincerest thanks to you and your crew for a job well done. Our resident's are enjoying this program. Your assistance and patience with the situation was so appreciated. I feel you and your crew went the extra mile... Thank you so very much."

Travis Crabtree
Summerfield Health Care

"The cable company had cut off our service prior to us getting the installation scheduled. RHTV went above and beyond to quickly get there system installed without hesitation. They have a great team of people working for them and we are very happy with they way..."

Bryan Lindsay
Life Care Center of Coeur d'Alene

"I just wanted to share a fun success story we have already experienced with our new system. We, like many other facilities in our area have unfortunately been visited with a GI bug that has caused us to keep our residents in their rooms to prevent the spread of the sickness..."