Below is a list of the most common receiver diagnostic error codes displayed by DIRECTV® receivers along with the description and a possible resolution to the problem(s). For a full list of our receiver diagnostic error codes, click here. If you have any additional questions as you troubleshoot, don't hesitate to call technical support at 877–477–3474, option #3.

The codes will appear as on-screen messages while you are viewing.

711Access Card is Not ActiveCustomer Service (CS) needs to activate
721Service isn't authorizedCS needs to authorize. Could also indicate a black out situation (Sports Programming)
722Service ExpiredReceiver was unplugged for an extended period, reconnect receiver and have CS reauthorize
771Searching for Satellite

If you are experiencing heavy rain or snow, wait for it to be over before troubleshooting as the signal between your dish and the satellite may be temporarily lost.

Dish may blocked or out of alignment. Loose or faulty cable connection. Defective receiver, distribution or hardware. Contact CS for further assistance.

775Problem Communicated with DishSWiM power inserter may need to be plugged in. The network can't detect the SWiM due to power loss to the SWiM. The SWiM switch or splitter(s) are defective. Contact CS for further assistance.
776Problem Communicated with DishToo many receivers or tuners are connected to the SWiM. Test with SWiM meter and upgrade or add additional SWiM Switches if necessary. Contact CS fur further assistance

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