Who will service my property if there are problems?

If a property experiences reception issues, they can call RHTV 24/7 x 365 Technical Support line at 877.477.3474, select option #3 and the issue will be promptly resolved over the phone or by a local service technician.

Will we get the local network channels?

Yes. They are available in over 99% of the country via high-powered digital satellite. If they are not available via satellite, RHTV can provide them via an offair antenna system.

How do I go about getting the channels I want?

In most cases, the channel you want may be obtained by discussing programming options with the staff at the community. They have the ability to choose if they can swap out programming for specific channel requests. 

In some instances, your system may allow for you to have your own residential DIRECTV® service. If this is the case, you can select any desired programming packages at retail rates.

Why isn’t there audio on a channel?

If you are not receiving audio on your channel simply press the red reset button or unplug your receiver for 15 seconds and then plug back in. In most cases the reset will restore your audio.

Why doesn’t my regional sports channels show the game?

Professional sports shows are subject to blackouts. If the game is not shown, check your local listing for the game on a different channel, likely a local network.

Some Regional Sport Networks have alternate channels (i.e 662-1, 662-2) that sometimes show the games. If the game you wish to view is not being shown on the main network feed, it is likely being shown on one the alternate channels available by the network.

Do you have to run new cabling throughout my property?

In most cases we can utilize your existing cabling distribution system. Typically, we can distribute a much stronger signal to your rooms/units than what your local cable companies can provide.

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