Dr. William H. Thomas and Homes that House the Living

Dr. Thomas is a geriatrician, a writer and a rock star. He might shy away from the last label but it's a hook that fits for many of his admirers. Given the way this man plays his instrument and uses his head he certainly deserves all the accolades…


The Changing Face of the Retirement Home Industry

If recent trends are any indication, baby boomers are seeking new ways to spend their retirement dollars. Not content to be simply corralled into traditional senior housing; boomers are looking for active vibrant living communities that will reflect…


Why Retirement Homes Should Be Considered a Positive Option

Before every important stage in your life, you had to make an important decision: before you went to college, before you got a job, before you started up a family. Approaching the years of seniority, you will notice that nothing has changed…


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