Free Community, In-house Channel

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Free Community Channel

Keep your residents entertained and informed

All RetirementHomeTV Systems include your own computer server with DVD/CD player. Your community channel is equipped with a pre–designed PowerPoint presentation that is fully customizable for your use at no monthly cost.

Increase resident satisfaction with a Community Channel

Keep your residents informed of menus, daily activities and announcements by broadcasting them on the community channel. You can also play movies and provide educational broadcasts or music with the included DVD/CD drive. All available to your residents from the comfort of their rooms.

  • No additional equipment to buy
  • Free Customizable PowerPoint
  • Free CD/DVD player
  • 24/7 technical support

Included at no additional monthly cost and no equipment to buy.

Daily/Weekly Events and Activity Schedules

With a community channel you can display messages about activies, current events, menus, birthdays, news, weather and more.

Daily/Weekly Dining Menus

Eliminate the need for your residents to have to leave their rooms or call to find out what is on the menu. With RetirementHomeTV'included PowerPoint presentation you can easily add or edit information seen by your residents.

Community Channel Presentation

Click on the image to watch our customizable Senior Living presentation included free with all RetirementHomeTV systems.

Testimonial — Life Care Center of Coeur d'Alene

I just wanted to share a fun success story we have already experienced with our new system. We, like many other facilities in our area, have unfortunately been visited by a GI bug that has caused us to keep our residents in their rooms to prevent the spread of the sickness.

Our creative activity department decided to play Bingo with all the residents using channel 2, our in–house community channel. They can play along without leaving their rooms. We also have some fun music playing on an audio CD for the background music...

I was really excited to see our new technology put to good use!

Bryan Lindsay, MHA